Wood-fired living

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At Kuura you can find products for your wood-fired lifestyle.

Finnish Kirami’s wood-fired hot tubs - indulge yourself in style! On a chilly evening, what could be more inviting than a deliciously warm bath in a wood-fired hot tub?

Gorgeous firepits made in UK by Firepits UK – outdoor living with heart and heat!

And genuine Italian Alfa pizza ovens – hotter, faster, different!

Kirami hot tubs - fun all year round

Our products

Kirami Woodfired Hot Tubs

Click here for more information on Finnish Kirami hot tubs and saunas.

Firepits by Firepits UK

All the fire pits and outdoor kitchens are handmade at the workshop in Monmouthshire by skilled, local craftsmen out of high-grade, thick (at least 3 mm) British steel.  The black finish will turn rusty with time but that won't affect the lifespan - sturdy construction methods mean your firepit will be the focal point of your garden parties for years to come. 

Alfa Pizza Ovens

We all know what we want from a pizza. Crispy crust. Chewy, airy insides. Perfectly melted cheese. Easy to wish for, but much harder to achieve.

To make a perfect pizza, the floor of the oven needs to impart heat quickly enough for the crust to be crisp before the dough is overcooked, but not so quickly that it burns. The air circulating the oven must be fiercely hot, allowing the toppings to cook in the short time available.

The challenge is to solve this thermal puzzle in a format that is practical for the home. Across four decades of obsessive development, that’s what Alfa’s Italian designers and engineers have done.  Alfa has cracked the code for making perfect pizza at home in ovens designed and made in southern Italy in the historic heartland of pizza. 

Alfa ovens’ pioneering shape, premium metals and patented Heat Genius technology create the perfect environment for cooking  authentic Neapolitan-style pizza, but it can do so much more – from roasting meat or vegetables or baking perfectly crusty bread to grilling steaks or pan-cooking a paella.

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You can browse a selection of Kuura's products online even if you cannot make it to our shop in Diss. For most products it is best to contact Kuura directly to order to with correct delivery charges. 

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    You can now buy a gift card for any amount at our gift card shop. They can be used for any products, even ones not currently online, and for custom hot tub packages. You could get a gift card for £11 to buy a floating duck thermometer, £35 for a funny bathing hat, £49 for a kebab rack or £439 for a firepit with log store.

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